Count bees on your apple blossoms NOW!

While just before and just after bloom are good bee counting days, peak bloom is the prime time for assessing the contribution of your bees to your orchard.


  1. 1. Go to the Bee Count page on our website. There you will find access to the next three steps.
  2. 2. Study the Native Bee ID training materials (Bee Count page)
  3. 3. Watch the Bee Counting Instructions Video (Bee Count page)
  4. 4. Download the Bee Count App. (Bottom of Bee Count page) or go directly to the App here.
  5. 5. When peak bloom is here…  Submit a bee count survey 3-5 times in each orchard lot, on a sunny day with greater than 60˚F temperature.  Make sure to be at least 10 meters from outer edge of orchard for a more conservative estimate.
  6. 6. Email us if you have any questions.

Check out our 2017 bloom summary to see what we learned last year.

Happy Spring

The Northeast Pollinator Partnership